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Need a website?

Iseeyou has a team of webdesigners and webdevelopers to developt state-of-the-art websites for all kinds of companies and organisations. After an initial in-take meeting, Iseeyou will propose a website architecture that will fit all your needs.

The concept will be made from a visitor point of view, to make sure that your website performs the way you intended it to. Iseeyou starts to make your website, using the two most important aspects: goal of your website and the target audience of your website. Using these Iseeyou can make sure you will reach your intended goal and your intended target audience. It makes the success of your website measurable and Iseeyou will make sure it will score very high.

Iseeyou has experience in designing all kinds of websites, like corporate websites, personal websites or community-driven websites. Ofcourse the latest techniques and design trends will always be applied to new websites. Things like web 2.0, Ajax, RSS, CSS, XML are all part of the daily vocabulary of our webdesigners.

Another very important aspect of your website is the content. Without content you have no website and no visitors. It is very important to always keep the content up-to-date so visitors will keep coming back. A website with content that is current and new will give a professional look and enhances the user experience enormously. Iseeyou can give you total control of your content by installing a Content Management System (CMS) on your website. Through the CMS you can easily update content on your website by simply using your webbrowser. This means your website content is within reach wherever you are, just as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Sometimes a CMS seems a bit much and Iseeyou can always help you out by updating the content for you. Changing something on your website is only one e-mail away and Iseeyou will work immediately on your request and will typically have it updated within 1 working day.

Please take a look at our portfolio for some of our work.